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Transforming How The World Learns and Masters New Skills.

Introducing the world's first mastery-based Adaptive Learning (AL) platform that continuously adapts with just-in-time remediation and ongoing assessments which enable long-term skill mastery and improved outcomes for all learners.

Purpose-built platform to enable personalized learning at scale.

Engineered for Adaptive Learning (AL), our platform is built from the ground up to deliver modernized and personalized learning at scale.

Launch your courses online with fully interactive and self-paced curriculum.

With edapt, it is quicker and easier to build dynamic and fully interactive digital learning experiences that meet fast-evolving learner needs.

Backed by Research. Proven by Results.

The pedagogy powering our platform was developed in close collaboration with our distinguished research advisors from Stanford University.

Actionable insights that help you improve content and outcomes.

Our dashboards provide rich insights into student learning behaviors that empower you to make data-powered improvements to content, curriculum, and instruction.

Tried-and-true platform with measurable learning efficacy.

Trusted by reputable institutions, our platform has a proven track record of delivering measurable and impactful results.

Ready to transform your courses?