An Operating System Engineered from the Ground Up for
Adaptive Learning (AL).

Everything you need to make student learning personalized, engaging, and available at any time.

PLATFORM overview

Powering personalized learning excellence.

The unrivaled capabilities of edapt's four core layers of learning innovation empower you to transform the learner experience and improve learning outcomes on an industrial scale - in less time and at less cost.

Unleash your design creativity and leverage the power of our infinitely scalable knowledge framework.

edapt’s first-of-its-kind learning design and development framework supports maximum flexibility by allowing you to create courses with any context, curriculum, and level of complexity. Our proprietary 3C knowledge framework's building blocks include:
1) Content - Learning Workflows to customize recipes for content mastery
2) Concept - Knowledge Maps to map out scaffolding for remediation and
3) Curriculum - Learning Paths to design the course blueprint and outcomes.

Create fully interactive digital learning experiences that engage learners in more ways.

With 60+ prebuilt item types and interactives to choose from across 10 categories, edapt opens up new possibilities to engage learners of all levels and disciplines. From tech-enhanced constructed-response items to media-enabled interactive elements - get more ways to create learning experiences that resonate. Test the look, feel, and performance with real-time previews.

Each learner gets a dynamically personalized path to success.

Each learner is unique - they learn at their own pace and have different levels of knowledge. With our continuously adapting and dynamic learning paths, you not only help optimize your learners’ strengths and mitigate their weaknesses, but also use their knowledge to power where they go next. In simpler words, just like each learner is unique, their learning journey will also be unique!

A digital learning experience from start to finish.

edapt platform is made to enable visually rich and interactive learning experiences, giving designers the freedom to do what they do best. Decide your course structure and the platform enables the rest. Take full control of course design with a customizable UI that lets you create nuanced learning experiences that better support learners’ needs. Media-enabled and designed to work across devices and browsers, edapt offers more flexibility to fit learning into modern lifestyles and learning habits.

How It Works.

A high level illustration of how the edapt platform works to deliver an unparalleled personalized mastery-learning experience to all learners at scale.

Unrivaled platform capabilities.

edapt’s powerful infrastructure capabilities make it easy to build and deploy digital learning experiences with greater interactive possibilities to reach more learners.
Multi-Device Compatibility
WCAG 2.0 AA Accessibility
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Enterprise-grade Security
Customizable UI
Real-time Analytics
Cloud-Native HTML5
LMS Integration

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