Turn insights into action with powerful analytics.

Our analytics provide rich insights into learning performance and behaviors, which empower you to continuously refine your courseware and improve learning outcomes.

learner engagement

Engage every student.

Create interactive experiences that resonate and boost learner engagement with content that connects. Monitor growth in learners' overall engagement and drill into their learning time.
learner performance

Empower instructors with real-time performance insights.

With our built-in analytics and real-time dashboards that provide powerful insight into what and how students are learning, you can analyze an entire class's performance, or pinpoint problem areas for a single student and intervene quickly to maximize outcomes.
content performance

Make your content more effective.

Assess what's working and what's not with the platform's proprietary item analysis capabilities. With detailed content performance insights, you can find opportunities for continuous content improvement to maximize learner outcomes.
content management

Power-up authors' productivity.

Set your teams up for success with simplified workflows for authors and reviewers. Streamline content management and enable authors to create and collaborate with confidence.

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