Limitless Content Design And Delivery Possibilities.

Everything you need to make online learning more personal, more engaging, and more beautiful.

design content

Intuitive authoring tools to help you create visually rich learning experiences.

With edapt, it is easier to build dynamic and fully interactive digital learning experiences that meet fast-evolving learner needs. edapt’s platform simplifies content authoring so you can get more done faster.
Modernize content

Engage learners in more ways.

Learners perform better when given the opportunity to actively engage with the material they're learning. Create experiences that require learners to explore, think and practice while being guided - the epitome of 'learning by doing'. From tech-enhanced constructed-response items to media-enabled interactive elements - bring out the "active" in interactive and create learning experiences that resonate with your learners.
organize content

Target higher order critical thinking.

edapt platform enables you to organize and align your content with the Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive thinking levels. This framework is extremely useful for designing learning progression and developing learners' higher order critical thinking abilities. With edapt's tech-enhanced constructed response formats, you can easily develop content to assess at every level.
share content

Create Once, Publish Everywhere.

Don't duplicate your content. Create once and publish it everywhere. Leverage your content across courses and make it available for others across your organization. Browse the content library to effortlessly find all content shared within your organization. Tag and bookmark to make content easily searchable and accessible by everyone.
Manage content

Streamlined content approval and management workflows.

edapt platform simplifies and streamlines the workflow for content authors and reviewers. With centralized communication, at-a-glance status checks, and comprehensive options for customization, edapt platform makes content collaboration seamless.
optimize content

Make content more effective.

Get a bird's eye view of the key drivers of learner engagement. By tapping into rich insights, you can make data-powered improvements to content, curriculum, and instruction.

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